Monday, December 5, 2011

First successful dusty hunt!

I finally decided to pop into an unknown nail salon for a minute to check out their dusties and I HIT THE JACKPOT. They had a rack of old stuff and among these...hello! OPI holos!
I ended up grabbing Standing Room Only, DS Sapphire, DS Coronation and DS signature! Whoo hoo!
I was too excited to even haggle down the, I had no idea I'd actually have the courage to try dustying, never mind walk away with OPI holos!
Here are some cellphone pics to show the polishes - better pics coming as soon as I can find the time to edit them :)

OPI DS Signature

OPI Standing Room Only (silver)

OPI DS Sapphire

Please excuse me as I hyperventilate for a few more hours...


  1. woo hoo, congrats!!
    I always go dusty hunting with a friend, but we never find anything exciting, sigh! :(

    what's your NOTD? I am also wearing blue and flakies today xD (Jordana Bright Blue and OPI ILLY)

  2. There's a locally owned beauty supply shop near me and I've been meaning to go in there and do some hunting. Some of their stuff literally has dust on it. I hope I'm as successful as you were!

  3. @Estivalia, I'm wearing Revlon Royal with Nfu-oh 38 flakies over top :) I hope to post much nicer pics of it soon! Flakie buds! *hifive*

    @TopCoatIt Dooo it! This was a pure impulse for me and WHOA SO LUCKY. Just...take the plunge :D

  4. Congrats, that's an epic haul!!! I have always been too nervous to dusty I think I'm going to have to!



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