Friday, December 16, 2011

How to dusty hunt

Do you crave old polishes? Crazy holographics which used to be? Old OPIs and China Glazes?
Sure, you can go to Ebay and pay exorbitant prices...or you can take a look around your city and go on a little adventure!

Here are a few things I learned from others over at MUA, which have given me the confidence and resources to dusty hunt! I am by no means a pro, but this really helped me get started. I was too scared to even walk in but once I overcame that...I  walked away with OPI holos and more!

First and foremost: be prepared to be turned away sometimes. Not all salons sell their polish, some will even refuse outright. However, some will let you buy the used polishes, which tend to be the oldest...You can ask them if they will sell their used polish and some may agree. Do not get discouraged.

The second biggest thing is to carry cash. This may sway many people refusing to sell used polish (I know it worked for me!) and haggle, especially if it's down to a half of bottle. 

Third is to keep looking in the smallest, most out-of-the-way salons in your city. Try looking in different areas of the city with an immigrant population. Little China, Koreatown, etc are great places to look. I find that if you go looking for the most obscure places, you might come across some crazy treasure more often. Some tiny salons would be willing to haggle more than popular places. 

With that said, never be discouraged if you get turned away or you didn't find anything the first time. Keep trying and you will hit the goldmine!

If you have anything to add or suggest, do let me know :D


  1. I haven't tried dusty hunting in salons yet.. just beauty supply stores. I've found super old school Orly polishes, but no holos yet! =[

  2. Ooh I forgot you could dusty in beauty supply places yet! Good tip :D



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