Sunday, December 4, 2011

SH xtreme wear - bubble gum pink and stripes!

here is my right hand

and my left!

This was a pleasant shock to me! When I moved without anything but boring polish and turns out that I can wear awesome polish, I was stuck on a no-buy...imagine by surprise when my mom, a woman who never touches nail polish EVER showed me that she has a little pink bottle she used on her toes once! Sally Hansen xtreme wear in Bubble Gum Pink was my savior and bright pink was something I craved.

 This polish is a bit strange, it dries with an almost waxy, plasticy finish and the shimmer makes it look even stranger...but with Seche Vite over top, the shimmer just popped and the pink became ridiculous! I didn't expect to love it but SV really changed that. This polish dries fast, a bit thick but not goopy and is opaque in 2 coats!

 I also did black stripes with tape, right hand's stripes can line up to form one stripe (coool!) and my left hand's stripes actually turned out leaning the other way...but I like it a little more. But no matter what I say, this was a ray in the dark for me, an unbelievable discovery that MY mom of all women would have a hidden, forgotten bottle of hot pink polish...amazing. I love you mom!


  1. yay for your mom! mine has only extremely sheer pinks and nudes... I sometimes recur to her when I'm in need of a palette cleanser xD!

    She says she likes the colors I wear, but she's too old for them. NONSENSE! I say. I'll be 70 and rocking glitters in my tips.

  2. omg so it WAS you i saw on MUA! i couldn't be sure, so i didn't want to call you out hahah (: LOVE that pink though! it reminds me of orly oh cabana boy (or something like name... can't remember it exactly haha)

  3. @Estivalia: YES I will also be the granny with glittery claws! Never too old!

    @sneakerette: ooh you're on MUA too? awesome!
    I did see ORLY Cabana Boy is a very sexy color for sure.



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