Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pic update

Ahh, I'm going to try editing pictures on my netbook (since it's all I have) without awesome Photoshop. Let's see how that turns out! Maybe I'll get ridiculously good with a trackpad. Time to grab GIMP and Picasa....

So if all goes well you guys should be seeing sexy fresh pictures very soon!

edit: it's not going as well as I thought...tiny screen+no mouse+any image edit program goes sloooow...=/= great pics. Ill keep trying though.

edit2: YAY I DID IT. They're not as amazing as they normally are but miles above cellphone photos :D


  1. Try downloading Paint.NET (it's free). I love it for photo editing, it's not slow for me (unless I open 5+ photos in it at a time). I can sharpen images, adjust hue/saturation/lightness etc, and it has a great "glow" function (but I use that for portraits)...

  2. Ooh, thank you! I never thought about paint NET. I'll try it for my next batch of photos! Picasa is nice, but the lack of intricate features really bugs me. Thanks again :D



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