Friday, September 21, 2012

Tony Moly GS08 vs Revlon Whimsical

Index - Whimsical. Rest  -Milky Way

As I promised, I present to you a comparison between Tony Moly GS08 Milky Way and Revlon Whimsical (known as the DL Glitter in the Air dupe).
1st difference - I'm sad I didn't have a picture of the bottles handy, but Whimsical's base is a little bit more minty with a hint of green, while Milky Way is totally baby blue. However, it doesn't seem to matter, because the base colors both end up looking the same.
Milky way's base was thicker and it allowed for more color per coat, where Whimsical has more glitter in it per coat and the 'secret' mylar glitter pieces were more prevalent. The glitter looked better, brighter. However, this difference is VERY minute. 
They looked pretty much the same on my hands, index finger just looked a little bit more glittery, Otherwise, it's a great dupe with a bit less glitter.

Your thoughts one jelly-sandwich-in-a-bottle polishes? Love or hate?

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