Monday, September 24, 2012

Tony Moly Galaxy Jupiter stress test

I've worn this polish for about 5 days at the time of taking this picture - with a base coat and 2 layers of Seche Vite for that extra shine. It appears that I don't have any pictures of it before! It's too bad, but at least you can see it looks as good as new except for the regrowth. Wore this to work (lots of computer work) for a few days even. No chips, barely any tip-wear, dare I say this is amazing? 
I'm a little sad I couldn't get the focus quite right on the glitter particles, not sure what went wrong there. Polish itself? Amazing. Three coats is enough to show full opacity (two over black) and it stays on like iron. Dries fast, looks GREAT. There's so much different glitter in there, it's a party. Only problem is it's a bit of a topcoat-eater, but 2-3 coats tends to do it. 
What's the polish that lasts on you the longest?


  1. That looks awesome! I wish my polish looked like that :p I'm wearing a holo, and it looks like it was a two weeks old mani x_x (painted yesterday! but I know holos tend to be chippy per se)

    1. Oh nnooo! I hate this issue with holos too, they'e so chip happy :(

      Although spectraflair holos are a bit easier because you can use a sticky basecoat, instead of a holo base sometimes.



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