Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tony Moly GS09

Mmm, this beauty is Tony Moly GS09, a part of the Tony Moly Glitter GS collection. This lavender beauty also carries the name Shooting Star and it's packed with multicolored solid hex glitter, as well as a few mylar glitters. You can catch a hint of the yellow and blue mylars as they sparkle and the rest should be clearly visible in the photos. 
I'm wearing 3 coats in these photos and it's solid enough to look good, yes retains a tiny hint of the nail line. This is a great jelly sandwich in a bottle, especially since it dries nice and smooth , as opposed to gritty.
This also gives it a giant upper hand - no topcoat-eating glitter! Only downside is that it smells strongly, like white-out, but everything else makes it worth it.

It comes with 2 other cousins, a Revlon Whimsical dupe (comparisons coming soon!) and its pink jelly conterpart. 

This polish is the reason I love macro shots!



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