Thursday, January 5, 2012

New year nails! Nfu-oh 63 holographic

My new year nails! Yaaay happy 2012 <3
Messily freehanded tips brought to you by WnW Black creme.
This is...beyond words. Nfu-oh 63 is a FANTASTIC holographic polish, which looks great in pretty much any light. It's a light pink dull metallic base which lights up like a flame whenever there's any light.
It looks starkly different from nfu-oh 61's new formula, or the "dud". It's base color is duller than new 61 (new 61 is a very shiny silver) and the holographic effect is much more intense. Keep readin for rainbow nails!

I tried putting Seche Vite over 63, but it dulled the effect drastically. I will show you a few comparisons of the topcoat/no topcoat difference.

Topcoat is on my index finger (on the right in the photo)

and a blurry photo to show the difference in rainbow.

This polish dries fast, HAS to be used over Aqua Base, looks solid in 3 coats. THIS is one of my top holographics! Granted, I've been bombarded by holos lately...but there is never a thing such as "too much holos".


  1. WHOA could this color be any more amazing?! O___O My eyes are like spazzing at the sight of this one. Love it!

  2. Such a gorgeous holo! But what a shame that SV dulls it :(

  3. I'm not crazy for holos.... but my gosh, that is pretty!

  4. ah! why dont i own ANY of this brand? incredible!

  5. Sneakerette: I didn't know it'd turn out so nuts! The pinkness just adds to the crazy.

    Miss Blue: yeah :( holo chips fairly fast with no topcoat.

    Estivalia: I'm glad it could slay you :D

    cathryn: I was asking myself the same thing...until I gave in...



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