Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nfu-oh JS09 with DL Stairway to Heaven

Nfu-oh JS09 is a pretty peach jelly pictured here, it's a little pinker than I thought but it's so very very tasty...yum.
Like JS15, JS09 is milkier than most jellies I have, but it gives it an appearance of candy and it's just ridiculous...I love layering this with glitter! It's very sheer, but builds up nicely with 3-4 coats. I wore this for 2 days but it did not chip and stayed perfect all the way. Application was great, smell was minimal and it dried very nicely as well. It's exactly what I wanted, just a creamy sweet peach jelly...Nfu-oh never disappoints (except nfu-oh 61 holographic's new formula...WHY)

Here it is layered with my very first Deborah Lippmann, Stairway to Heaven!
StH is incredible...transparent opalescent hex and round glitter in different sizes...secret blue's wonderful!  The formula is a little thick in my polish and the cloudy base was a little chunky and gross...that was the only bad part. Otherwise, it applied very well and I got a lot of glitter with one swipe and it dried fast...perfect! Ahh I <3 it! Such a  unique polish is totally worth the price.


  1. ooh la la, such a dreamy combo! the peach color looks awesome on you :D

  2. so pretty!
    btw, you totally inspired my latest mani :D (well, I totally copied it lol)

  3. Sneakerette: thank you so much!

    Estivalia: oh my goodness! that's AWESOME! I love retro look dots :)

    Laquer Factor: a dreamsicle? Like a crazy fantasy creamsicle?! Yum

  4. OMG! DL and they look so good together<3

  5. thanks for showing this Nfu Oh! I haven't seen many Nfu Oh jellies but I LOVE them!!

  6. Nailderella: no prob! They are sooo cool! Too bad they are pretty pricy x_x



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