Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jelly sandwich - OPI guy meets gal-veston with Servin Up Sparkle

Ahh this jelly is so awesome! Notice I'm on a ridiculous jelly kick? 
OPI Guy Meets Gal-veston is a very sheer (at first) jelly with a bright pop of coral pink color and a jolly rancher look. I absolutely love it! I've been avoiding the OPI sorbets for a while since they looked boring but one I went on my jelly kick, these were one of the first I sought out. GMGV's formula is something which surprised me. It was smooth as butter, dried fast and built up to a color similar in the bottle (whoa) and when I sandwiched SUS between the 3rd and 4th layer of GMGV it did not dull the holo particles at all. The difference between OPI sorbets and Nfu-oh jellies is that Nfu-ohs are a little bit milky, which gives them a different jelly finish and they eat the glitter a tiny bit. To see what I mean, lookie here to see the very same glitter sandwiched in a Nfu-oh jelly and see how it looks totally white? Now check dis:

Whoa! What a difference.

OPI sorbets look like pure, candy coloured glass. The glitter is perfectly suspended in the jelly like an ancient insect in amber. Which do you prefer? Do you like jelly sandwiches too? :D


  1. noiceeeee!
    i'm totally on a jelly kick too. wish i picked these up when they came out!! :<

  2. This is so pretty!!! :D

  3. dammit, that is one awesome jelly! it looks so pretty in your nails and as a jelly sammich... just gorg.

    I don't know why I've been taking so much in getting this. I NEEDZ this! :o

  4. Sneakerette: they're pretty easy to find still! I thought they'd disappear but they're everywhere still.
    Estivalia: Thank you! It does make for a pretty good sandwich..I wouldn't recommend against this one at all :D



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