Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nfu-oh JS-15 jelly sandwich


I've been CRAVING jellies so I made a fabuloustreet order in which two jellies I grabbed: JS15 and JS09. I've been really wanting a peach jelly and a baby blue jelly. JS15 is my dream baby blue jelly!
It's a milky light blue which dries fast and looks like candy. It's a bit milky so it looks more pastel. I honestly enjoyed this way more than I's not very opaque, but looks great in two coats. Here I'm using OPI Serving Up Sparkle with JS15 to make a sexy blue jelly sandwich!

2 coats of JS15, 1 coat of SUS, another coat of JS15 and some SUS on the tips! Because the holoness disappeared after a layer of jelly, so I added some on top to add to the sparkliness. I'm in love with this combo... It reminds me of crystals frozen in ice. It's crazy! I've GOT to do more jelly sandwiches soon!
What do you guys think about jelly sandwiches? Love 'em or meh?


  1. gorgeous combe. I love that jelly.

  2. actually, I've never tried a jelly sammich :'D i just don't own any jellies yet.

    this mani turned out awesome! I love how soft that blue is :)

  3. Ohhhh my gosh I am SO jealous you have this blue jelly!!!!! It's so dreamyyyy @____@ I want to go back to the Skin Food store near me to pick up more jellies, but the only bright colorful ones they have are a pink and orangey peach, and I'm not as crazy over those colors as I am with blues!!!! I'm currently a bit obsessed with jelly sandwiches, I just wish I had more jellies to sandwich with! Sometimes glitters can be a bit overwhelming after a day, so I like how adding a jelly over it tones it down and ties all the colors together so I don't get sick of it as fast (:

  4. Sneakerette: I know exactly what you mean about glitter! I have some but they are overwhelming on their own so I started getting obsessed with jellies to sandwich them with! yesss *hifives*



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