Saturday, January 7, 2012

Video game nails Kirby, Sonic, Megaman and Mario mushrooms!

hurf durf left hand

This is what I spent my Saturday doing...absolutely nothing AND video game nails! Also my left hand is looking ridiculously wonky but the nail shape fits much better. I did this with dotting tools, and some help from brush shapes (thank YOU SH- whirlwind white for your round brush). I've been meaning to do video game nails forever, but I was lacking a yellow since I'm still away from most of my stash... Had to make do with the cremes I acquired in the last month. Also had to pick and choose characters I can do based on what color I got (sorry Pacman and Pikachu ), but I think it turned out decent! I'm hoping to do some Pokemon manis once I get my stash back...hmm...what else?


  1. These are super cute! So you are left handed too? That's great to hear!

  2. YAY these are so cute!! :D Fantastic job!!

  3. they're su cute!

    are you a leftie? I am, and my left hand always ends up looking crappy xD

  4. Thanks girls!

    Mihaela and Estivalia: yes, lefties unite!

  5. omg this is SO cute!!!! can't wait to see your pokemon nails! ima show my sis cause she's a hardcore gamer :D

  6. Oh wow!!! These are super cool!!! Love!



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