Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sparitual - Rusted Lux

This polish was an impulse purchase - they're pretty expensive too! The polish itself is metallic flakes/foil finish, a mix of orange and gold flakes in a dark red base. When on the nail, it gives the illusion of rust and leaves, such a beautiful fall color. This took about 3 coats, polish is a little runny, but that allows it to dry fast. I'm pretty surprised that the burgundy base lights up so nicely with the flakes, it's a pretty unique polish in my collection.

What's your favourite fall polish?


  1. That's really pretty! I don't own any SpaRituals, but this one looks nice and perfect for fall :)

    I can't decide on ONE favorite polish, it seems to change very now and them :p I'm currently in love with Nails Inc Baker Street, it's a bright and beautiful color for summer~

  2. Such a perfect Fall shade! I have been wanting to add SpaRitual to my stash!!



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