Monday, October 29, 2012

Essence - Chic Reloaded

I gotta admit - Essence has to be one of my favorite new polish brands I've started to find about drugstores. Not only do they start their short lineup with glitters, a pink and peachy nude, basic cremes and nice glitter, but also two duochromes!

I've had the pleasure of wearing Where's The Party? before and it's awesome! Since it did not disappoint, I went and got Chic Reloaded.

It's a much darker duochrome with a charcoal base, turqoise to purple duochrome shift and some scattered green glitters. The formula is a bit watery, but it works well with the big brush Essence uses. Dried nice and fast, wore strong for 3 days with no chipping and major tipwear. I'm extremely happy with this polish, especially since it only cost two dollars!

The color shift was notoriously difficult to capture - it is more evident in the bottle, but is still strong on the nail.

Where's the purple? Apparently doesn't show up with flash, but I hope this shows the texture of the polish well.


  1. Looks beautiful on your nails! I find that color shifts are hard to pick up with flash, indirect light is better (and using weird angles works too)

    1. yeah, you're right - I have a low light situation and flash is not ideal for np photos, but at least it's something. I'm constructing something else for that actually :)

  2. I saw this in store and its gorgeous! Looks great on you!



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