Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Essence - Where's the Party?

Now here's a surprise - a 2$ polish I picked up at the drugstore and it's a duochrome!
It's a smooth metallic polish that doesn't show streaks, dries fast and is a dark grey base with a prominent purple flash and a little bit of green. The effect in this is comparable to OPI Not Like The Movies, but less gritty and darker. I was pretty surprised at this find, since it applies nicer and looks better than OPI. The main difference is that it doesn't have any particles/glitter and it is much more purple, rather than green when it flashes. I loved the look of Where's The Party?, it reminded me of really soft graphite. 
I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good duochrome - cheap and very pretty!
Has anyone else tried out this polish? 


  1. this is definitely one of the best duochromes you can get for your money! i layered it over a green last time, and it seemed to make the green duochrome more prominent (:

  2. I have seen this one and looks gorg! I don't have it because it looks similar to Iron Mermaiden (Catrice) and I got that one first :p!

    I love Essence, they're not as cheap for me as they're in the US, but they have some really cute colors :)



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