Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Revlon moon candy - Milky Way

This is a strange one. I don't like buying non-standard bottles because of storage concerns but I couldn't pass this up. I don't have any macro flakie glitters so I decided to add one to my collection.
One end of the polish is a dark grey creme - I actually liked the coverage and formula. It was a bit thick but pretty much a one-coater. Dried fast and shiny! The other end is macro flakies - mylar cut in bigger pieces than in standard flakie polishes. The other Moon Candy polishes came with blue, red, orange, others and Milky Way looked like a dark holographic, with ALL of the colors. It was also very tricky to photograph...You can see it in the bottle in the first picture. 
Now, I am a lover of flakies and own many polishes containing them - I like green, red, orange, blue, multicolored flakies. The pieces in these polishes tend to be about 1-3mm at their largest and this keeps the polishes creamy, even though they still feel like porridge. 
Milky way is about 5mm for their largest flakies and they are a PAIN. They slide, don't stick well, stick out, bend, create a rough surface. Two top coat layers later, it's still sticking out! I had to wrestle with it for a while.

In the end, I really loved the grey polish that game with this and I will probably try the glitter again - maybe in a sandwich?


  1. Lovely colour!Nice blog. What about following each other?

  2. So pretty but its a shame the flakies are hard to apply!

    1. I know! I wish it was a little bit easier, but at least they look pretty.



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