Thursday, May 24, 2012

Abstract butterfly - holographic and duochrome

This was an experiment do sort of dupe the Ozotic mish-mash type of polish - a duochrome with a holographic effect.
I used Sparitual - It's Raining Men and HITS Hefesto on top. Then, I used a black nail art brush to do the lines. This was supposed to be an abstract look, but eventually, some of them turned into a butterfly wing pattern. I want to try this with a stronger duochrome next time, but I do love how airy and delicate this combination looks. I must do more holographic layering!


  1. your design is really cool, but i'm in love with your base combo underneath!!! it's soooo unbelievably pretty (:

  2. ooh, I love this! as soon as I get Hefesto I'll holo all the things :D



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