Saturday, May 26, 2012


Claws! I've been meaning to try this look for a while and I am so happy with the way it turned out! I used ELF-Nude as a base and WnW Black creme for the claws. 
Process: base color first (ELF Nude) then wait for it to try, tape off edges of your nails so only an upside-down V shape is exposed. Paint the nail whatever claw colour you want (WnW Black Creme in this case) then peel off the tape right away. Voila, you've got claws!
I also placed some glitter on the ring finger for an accent. It's a little less clean than I'd like to see (slight smudging on the lines) but looks fantastic otherwise. It felt awesome to have a manicure like this, almost as if I really had claws. I'd recommend adventurous girls  to try it because the feeling is awesome!


  1. they sure look like claws!

  2. that is awesome, at first glance I did really think you changed your nail shape :D

    1. haha! Good thing I didn't.. that'd be hard to live with

  3. How cool!! It give the look without the commitment!!



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