Wednesday, March 7, 2012

HITS Olympo Zeus holographic

HITS is a Brazilian company that produced nail polish and their contribution to the nail polish world over the last year has been TREMENDOUS. They have released a full range of holographic polishes with Spectraflair in the Olympo collection, a ton of duo/multichrome polishes from Mari Moon and the Mundo De Dancas flakie collection, which contains flakie topcoats and polishes with flakies in them. Today, I will be showing you a black holographic polish called Zeus, from the HITS Olympo; a charcoal holographic and a slayer of longtime wants. 
One of my first really-want-but-impossible-to-find polishes was OPI - My Private Jet (original holographic version) which was a black holo and it was STUNNING. I've been looking around for it in dusties but never found it... and finally, my wishes for a black holographic came true when I got my hands on Zeus.

Mmm that rainbow!

It's a little more charcoal than black, but it still lights up a rainbow. I haven't gotten sun to show you its full rainbow glory, but once I do...
It's a little thin with 4 coats to full opacity and a little jellylike. I layered this over black for maximum colour payoff and did some stamping, with Out The Door topcoat.

I can't wait to see this in the sunlight! It's so beautiful!



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