Monday, March 5, 2012

WARNING: Nails! - with Illamasqua Rare

I wanted to learn how to do the drippy looking nails with dotting tools and succeeded with this manicure!
I used WnW Black Creme for the tips and drippies, as well as an Art Deco Black nail art brush to smooth it out and for the lines. The base is Illamasqua Rare. I am honestly shocked and really, really happy with the way this came out. I wanted to make it look like a caution sign/tape and it worked! The neon yellow worked very well against the black, so the contrast was perfect. I might be recreating this again, so look forward to more drippy manicures!
What do you think of this one? Too goth/neon to wear everyday or would you still rock nails like these?


  1. That's fab! I love the black and neon combo. I've tried out something similar to that too :D My drippy nails



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