Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OPI - I Have a Herring Problem - Holland 2012

OPI - I Have a Herring Problem is the polish I've been looking forward to the most in the OPI Holland 2012 spring collection! It was a tie betwee I Don't Give a Rotterdam!  and Herring Problem, but Herring won because of the name. Read on for more pics of this baby!

no flash
with flash
texture closeup

As someone raised in Russia, I'm a big fan of salted herring and this polish was something I had to have! I really like the texture of Herring Problem, it's a glass flecked shimmer, much like Essie Smooth Sailing, which is more of a blue, whereas Herring Problem is a greenish grey. 
I was not disappointed with this one, it's smooth in 2 coats, dries fast and looks great! I enjoy grey and its derivative and IHAHP is a lovely grey-green (even a little blue) that really sticks with me. I'm also wearing Sephora by OPI - To the Glitter End! on my ring finger, because it reminds me of fish scales! So all in all, it's one very fishy manicure.


  1. it's a beautiful color and looks gorgeous on you :) I'm still on the fence on what colors from this collex to get.

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah I wasn't sure about anything else except for Herring, but I ended up liking Dutchya... I was going to get Wooden Shoe but I didn't like it in person (secret shimmer too secret)

  2. This is one of my favourites from the collection, it is very pretty! :D

    1. Really? Mine too :D
      Which other ones do you like?

  3. I like the way it looks.Sadly, we get the most basic coloured OPIs in India:(



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