Monday, January 9, 2012

Essie Smooth Sailing and dotty nail art

Essie Smooth Sailing from the summer collex  is an interesting polish - it's a periwinkle blue which contains...particles. They are shimmery but not in any way I've seen before. If anything, it reminds me of the shimmer in the upcoming OPI Holland collection. It's very subtle, but the polish is full of it. It sort of takes on the texture of denim and looks very downplayed, but still stands well on its own.The formula is nice, it's creamy and opaque, took 2 coats for full opacity and it dried very well. This is one of the good Essies!

Here it is layered with DL - Stairway to Heaven

I used ORLY Luxe for the dots, made those with the dotting tools. Smooth Sailing is definitely a unique polish in my collection and I do love it! 


  1. oooh i was JUST look at swatches of this one for a swap LOL! i love how it looks with the dotted pattern :D

  2. this is one pretty np, I love periwinkles :) about the shimmer, I recently read someone refering to Smooth Sailing as a "glass fleck" so maybe that's why is different?

  3. Sneakerette: thanks a lot :D

    Estivalia: I'm no sure if I'd classify it as a glass fleck but maybe it's very densely packed? It could be possible! It's very...suede-looking :)

  4. This is sooo beautiful!! :D

  5. I saw smooth sailing when I first got into nail polish, and kept telling myself not to get it..finally recently, my friend surprised me with it! I'm so glad she did, because I would have been upset if I never got it.
    loving the dots, and jealous of that DL!

  6. Cindy-y: that's exactly what I did! I waffled about it all summer...then when it was all gone I had to find it 0_0 so I went looking all over. Oh, nail polish...



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