Sunday, January 8, 2012

Essie Turquoise and Caicos and Nfu-oh 40

Essie Turquoise and Caicos has been something I've looked at and put back multiple times before and finally decided to pick it up a while back. I layered it with my new flakies, Nfu-oh 40, a blue to green and purple color shift.

TaC is a minty fresh light green creme, applies a bit streaky at the start but evens out very nice in 3 coats. It dries smooth and does not chip easily.  TaC is more blue-leaning than other minty greens I've encountered, so the green-ness did not clash with my skintone, no lobster hands! This is a plus. It's very airy and fresh, definitely a spring color for me.

When I layered it with nfu-oh 40, the flakies took a very green quality with a blue flash. This also has added a lot of green to the polish color itself, but it wasn't too drastic. Overall, I do like the combo and will be trying these flakies over other polish as well!


  1. Such a gorgeous combination, I love the Essie colour, so vibrant and fresh x

  2. That's such a cute color!! My favorite mint is probably Essie Mint Candy Apple (: It works surprisingly well on my toes too :D

  3. oh my! I love that Essie and the flakies are awesome!

  4. T & C is one of my favorites, it looks great on you!



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