Tuesday, January 3, 2012

100TH POST!! My first Deborah Lippmann! and a little haul...

 It's my 100th post!

(as if you couldn't tell from that title...) I can NOT believe I wrote a 100 posts already...oh my gosh! I had no idea I had it in me...this blogging thing's got me writing more than ever these days. I'm still learning how to write a bit better, take better photos and paint my nails better and this is just helping me get there, as well as finding lots of friends along the way and discovering a lot of cool things. Thank you for reading and I look forward to writing a 100 more!

I got my hands on my very first DL polish, Stairway to Heaven...it's so pretty! Translucent opalescent hex and round glitter, secret blue sparkle...it's just... "heavenly" :D
I also hauled Essie - Smooth Sailin, China Glaze Blue Iguana and Peachy Keen and Maybelline Cool Couture.

Oooh it has very subtle secret blue shimmer...

Also! I came across Revlon Whimsical (DL Glitter in the Air dupe) and Popular (renamed Starry Pink)

Phew! Oh goodness, now I have so many more polishes to try and so many more posts to write!


  1. Your first DL is gorgeous!!!! I figured China Glaze Snowglobe was close enough, so I just settled for that one haha.
    My first DL was Happy Birthday (:

  2. Thank you! Yeah I was sad because I couldn't find a non-dud Snowglobe... Happy birthday is awesome though! I wanna try finding DL Candy Shop too 0_0



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