Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Maybelline - Cool Couture with glitter tips

Maybelline Cool Couture is a dark grey polish is a very subtle blue shimmer (you can really tell from the bottle). I believe this was a part of their Fall collection, but I picked it up on a discount! The formula is a bit thick, but covers well. The color is solid in 2 coats and it dries normally, but a bit dull. I am wearing a topcoat, which really brings out the shimmer! Maybelline polishes have mostly been disappointments for me, but this one is an interesting addition to the collection: it's dark, green-toned grey color with secret blue shimmer, which really makes it pop!

The tips are done with the golden glitter I got form Daiso, pictured here (yellow handle) which was pretty good! Not too thin, good coverage, just enough glitter for me. This contains hex glitter and tinier round gold glitter.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Yes, I like it very much too, it's fairly unique!

  2. Beautiful, and the combination with the gold is really gorgeous!! :D

    1. Thanks! I really really love gold glitter on grey...hehe

  3. this is understated but very pretty! i like how you didn't overdo it with the glitter, it really lets the shimmer of the grey polish shine through!



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