Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear RUS - 554 mood polish with Konad

I wanted to wear Dear Rus polish again... my nails are short so the color shift isn't as apparent, but I do love it so. I stamped flowers on it with ORLY Luxe and took a few photos of it changing colour! Keep in mind, this polish is matte, but I am wearing a topcoat over it. I want to wear this again when my nails are longer...
Without further ado, I present...mood polish spam!


And for some reason, with a handful of Nerds candy!

I want more of these, maybe something pink and maybe grey! 
What do you think of mood polishes in general? Like em or are they too gimmicky?


  1. I don't have any, but I do like a good mood polish!! This one is gorgeous, and looks so beautiful with the gold stamped over it! :D

    1. thank you! Yes, mood polishes... I don't have many but they are nice for when you feel like it :D

  2. this is really cool! i love how it's such a unique mood changing polish color. most of the ones i've seen are pretty standard creme colors so they're not too big of a deal for me since i have those colors already (just not mood changing!)



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