Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sexy Bomb S36 vs S40 comparison (lots of pics)

Another sexy bomb post! I have another pair of polishes very similar in the bottle and wanted to do a comparison. S36 is a cool pink with pink shimmer and S40 is a peach pink with violet and blue shimmer. Interestingly enough, they look more different in bottles than they do on the nail and I believe it's the S40's cool toned shimmer that does this. Both are a little disappointing compared to the other Sexy Bombs. I guess they are meant to be sheer jellies, but I wanted full-out color payoff. I kid you know, it took about 5-6 coats to get the color in the photographs and you can still see my nail beds. Application was very nice, but s36's brush was frayed and sort of "fluffy" which made application harder.

(Read on for further indepth review and TONS of pics)


S36 is a cool pink jelly base with similar pink shimmer, it is less sparkly of the two. It was more sheer than S40, but took less time to dry. Brush was bad, smell was bad. Looks nice when dry, almost like a foil.


S40 is a warm peach jelly base with violet and blue shimmer. The blue particles are more pronounced, making it a bit sparklier. I wish the shimmer was warm as opposed to cool, because once dry, it blends the color into a cooler tone, making it VERY similar to S36.

Both turned out.... pretty boring actually. I was really excited to swatch these, but now I'm a little disappointed at the colors and the sheerness. I'm not sure which one I like best... probably leaning towards S36, as the texture reminds me of watermelon. They are both nice and girly colors, I'm just not that into shimmery pinks.


  1. If I ever saw these, I'd have to buy at least one just for the brand name. :)

  2. very pretty! I didn't know this brand...

  3. Thanks girls! Maybe I should buy a bunch when I go back to Van and give them away ;)



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