Thursday, November 3, 2011

ELF Innocent vs Nude comparison

These have matte topcoat on, read on for glossy pics

I really wanted to try mannequin hands, so I ordered both Innocent and Nude from ELF to see which fits me better! It seems like Nude wins, but they are both very nice polishes, very cheap as well... Two dollars!
Both have great formula and apply very nicely.
Keep reading for individual reviews and glossy pics



Innocent applied a bit "crumbly" at the start, I probably didn't shake it long enough. However, it was a ONE COATER. Dried okay, not too fast, but it also came out very glossy. I really love this creme!


Nude applies as well as Innocent, but takes two coats for full opacity. This polish came out perfectly close to my skin tone and dries very glossy as well. I've gotta say it, ELF's new formula is fantastic. 

So, what I know about ELF polishes so far is: used to cost 1 dollar, was sort of not the best. Changed their formula and raised the price to 2 dollars. I've never tired the old ones, but I am completely impressed with the new ones. Mostly visible with one coat, glossy shine and GREAT price. I feel like I should be getting more of these.

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