Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Red hot crackle gradient! and a failed mani

I was feeling very sassy and NOT feeling the fall color trends! So to break the bleakness, I did a yellow to neon orange gradient and black crackle. I used China Glaze Lemon fizz for the base and Flip Flop Fantasy for the orange. OPI Black Shatter. The alternating nails are ChG FFF to NYC Times square with no-name purple tips.
What say you? Beating the fall with a fiery mani or tacky?

Also, bonus feature:

A completely failed mani... can you tell what it's supposed to be?

It was supposed to be Guppy nails (like the little fish).
I think I overdid it, guys.


  1. I really like this! I kinda feel like crackle is boring now, but adding different colors underneath really gives it more life :D

  2. I know what you mean about crackle being boring! This year I got burnt out on crackle and I have it in many colours but it kinda stopped being cool :P
    I'm glad you like this mani, I looove gradients under crackle still :D



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