Monday, November 14, 2011

OPI Yoga-ta get this blue vs OPI Ink

Ink on the right, Yoga-ta on the left

I really love the occasional dark blue/purple, so it's no surprise that I bought both OPI Ink and Yoga-ta get this blue.  Yoga-ta is an AMAZING dark shimmery blue which is subtle, yet striking. It was my first "venture away from pinks" polish I got years back when I was first getting into the world of nails. I felt really weird about wearing such a dark color and so BLUE, too! It remains one of my favorite dark blues to this day and I have not found anything quite like it. The base is dark blue and it's full of very smooth blue shimmer. The nails seem to glow with this polish on. Applies easy, takes about 2-3 coats to look great. Dries pretty shiny, but I'm wearing a coat of Seche Vite anyway.  

There is a negative point, however. Yoga-ta does stain, even if I am wearing a preventative basecoat and removal is staining as well. BUT! I did find that the blue staining can work to my advantage! I have yellowish nails from wearing dark polish and no matter how much I try to whiten them it doesn't always work. The blue staining from one day of wear under Seche Vite Clear basecoat actually acted as a blue toner acts on bleached hair to wash out the yellow and make it silver. It balanced out the yellowness of my nails and they were white!
So that is something interesting I learned today.

Opi ink is more purple in tone, but I suppose you can call it a "blurple". It has bigger shimmer particles, so it looks a bit chunkier without a topcoat. Ink has a pleasant balance between dark blue and purple and without Yoga-ta next to it, Ink would look blue on its own. It contains purple-blue subtle duochrome finish and applies and dries very nice

Both of these polishes are unique in their own ways, so I feel that owning both of them is great if you like darker blues. Yoga-ta is my favorite dark blue and Ink is a fun purple, but I like Yoga-ta the best because it's a very beautiful color with some sentimental value to me.


  1. These colors remind me of my friend's car (:
    I love how you posed your hands for your first picture btw! It's very unique (;

  2. thank you! I can only get a picture like that when my boyfriend takes the camera, haha.



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