Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SH Xtreme wear - Blue me away with Konad

This is an older mani from a while back before I started the blog. Blue Me Away is one of my favorite blues and it's just so happy and stark, I can't describe it ,so I will let the picture speak for itself.. Blue Me Away is a glossy creme that is opaque in two coats and applies like a dream. The color is the perfect sky blue. I stamped clouds with Konad and it turned out just peachy! I'm really happy with this polish, it lasts a while and doesn't wear down easily, as well as the low cost and great formula make this one a keeper. 

What is your favourite blue creme?


  1. cute! I am so doing this in my next mani, but with a gradient or something (been dying to try gradient manis, lol)

    my favourite blue creme is OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui. Not sky blue, but I think it looks so good with denim :)


  2. Thank you!
    @Estivalia Feng Shui is a beautiful blue! I'd like to see how this would look with a gradient, let me know when you attempt it!

  3. This is so cute!!! My favorite blue creme is probably Orly Blue Collar. I think it might be pretty similar to Blue Me Away? Where did you get your konading plates? I don't think I have one with clouds!

  4. I got my plates as this kiosk at the local mall which sold Konad but was called "bollywood nail" (what? haha) and I think the plate clouds are on is konad seres 1, plate m79



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