Saturday, November 26, 2011

More stuff is coming soon!

Hey guys! I got back home for 2 days and I'll be able to edit some photos and get more polish reviews going! I received 2 color-changing polishes from Korea, so I look forward to showing you those!
Here's a sneak peek at what's coming soon :)

I promise to get much prettier pictures very soon!


  1. Are these mood changing polishes? They look nothing like the bottle! O___O

  2. Wow these are pretty.

    I also wanted to tell you if you want those 2 Zoyas I have I am interested in trades.

  3. @Sneakerette yes they are! The color shift is very dramatic, I'll be happy to show it off soon :D
    @Jenn thank you! I'm currently in moving limbo between cities so I might not be able to trade for a while but I'll keep it in mind!

  4. i'm so happy you like them. this brand is not very popular yet even in korea but it has so much potential right? :D



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