Monday, November 28, 2011

Mmm chicken wings+blue

Yes I know it's a drumstick but YUM. Honey garlic is my favourite wing flavour and this pub does it so well. I got to fly home for 2 days and I could bring some polish back with me (still on a no-buy until December) so I finally got to paint my nails blue! I enjoyed having bright blue nails for the first time in forever and they contrasted with the dripping saucy poultry in the best way. I also got to take lots of pics and edit them, so there's going to be some fun stuff queued up for the coming week.
I'll be posting the full version of this mani soon, it involves dots and mood polish!

I'm also hoping to buy a laptop by the end of the week (but might take forever to ship) so hopefully I can start doing my thang over in Vancouver as well. Hurrah!


  1. yum!! i loveeee chicken wings, it's one of my favorite foods evar :9 don't think i've ever had honey garlic before, but it sounds delish!!

  2. Honey garlic wings are top tier for me :D what flavour do you like the best?



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