Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nfu-Oh hand and body lotion in Star Fruits

Please excuse the terrible cellphone pic~

I ordered this along with the holo Nfu-ohs and finally have a chance to give it a review!
It's a very perfumey lotion, it really does smell like star fruit! I didn't like the smell in the beginning but it kind of grew on me. The texture is VERY light and almost gel-like, it absorbs very well, I mostly use it for cuticles.
The bottle size it perfect for a purse and I really like the little flip lid it has.
The issue I have is that the text on the bottle comes off very easy when I use the lotion. You can see from the photo that some of the paint already came off. These are cheap though, around 5.50 each? I think it's a win for me, I'll be getting more in probably peach and other flavours.

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