Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear RUS: introducing Korean mood polish!

I had the pleasure of buying polish from the lovely Tadukhipa over at

She shipped 2 bottles of very interesting color changing polish all the way from S. Korea!

Today I will be showing you quick swatches of the 2 side by side.

They both contain very fine shimmer and they dry MATTE. This means they end up looking like suede polishes from OPI! Purple contains beautiful golden shimmer, while blue has a light blue shimmer.
When they are cold, they look like they do in the bottle...but when warmed up, purple turns to a warm auburn and blue turns into a seafoam green! Here is some mood polish action:



The color change is so rapid, even the tiniest droplets of water change it.

soft gradient

How cool is that? Both are matte (suede) and the color change is so dramatic....awesome! I want more!


  1. Those are so neat. I wish I could get them here. They are just to gorgeous.

  2. I'm glad you girls like them! Look forward to the coming post - I show the purple one off and it's beautiful

  3. These colors are so unique! I haven't seen any mood polishes like these ones before. I think the blue one is my favorite :D

  4. how can i buy these in the US? i need them!

  5. I'm not sure if they're out in US (just came out in Korea I think?) But you can contact Tadukhipa and she might have more info :)



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