Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vancouver haul

I'm finally back and buy do I have additions to my stash! I hauled like crazy for the 2 days I was gone and here is what I have to show for it:

Here is the haul itself. May not look like much but read on.

Forever21 flakies and holo glitter, 3$ carbonite, dollar store stuff

3 Color Zone polishes from Winners, I think they use Island Girl bottles and caps. Look! That's Comic Sans on the label. Never thought I'd see that on polish.
2 Korean suede polishes and 2 Japanese polishes (the Maquillage IS A HOLO oh god yes) 

Assorted Sexy Bombs and i-charms. I cleaned out the display...

And for buying these, I got a grape flavored polish remover and a black crackle! And some BB cream to top it off!

I can't wait to swatch these babies! Starting with that sexy Maquillage holo. 


  1. Hello! Where did you get the 2 Korean suede polishes and 2 Japanese polishes?? Awesome haul!

  2. Both of those polishes came from Crystal mall in Burnaby, there are two beauty shops next to each other but I dunno the names, one has Maquillage and other Japanese polishes and the one next to it carries Lioele polishes :)
    So basically if you walk into both, you will find them :D



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