Friday, October 28, 2011

Sexy Bomb s42 - pink holographic glitter

Another Sexy Bomb to review! This time I'm trying s42, a sexy and sassy pink glitter with little holographic glitters inside! First off, I think this is meant for layering or making a gradient, because the slightly pink jelly base is loaded with glitter and it is a little on the sheer side. However, I was able to get decent opacity with 3 coats, which isn't too bad. The final color is a strange shade of metallic pink, with metallic fine glitter and holographic slightly larger glitter. S42 ends up looking like a very sheer foil basically and it is EXTREMELY shiny.

I can't seem to align my fingers well on my left hand.

look at that holo glitter!

 As with most Sexy Bombs, the formula is runny, but not streaky. The less viscous formula helps it flow down the wide brush very well and coats the entire nail perfectly, while leaking down so you can do the next nail without dipping again. I cannot wait to use this in a syrup mani (I think I'm long overdue for one!) or maybe try it over black to see what happens.


  • Great formula
  • Dries fast
  • Holographic glitter


  • Smells terrible
  • A little sheer

I loooove most Sexy Bombs I have for their beautiful foily shininess and this is no exception. Good application, good shine and drying time... I love this glitter!

What do you guys think of the "pros and cons" at the end of the reviews? Is it helpful or cluttering? Do let me know :)

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