Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

Who loves blue? Me, that's who! Now, I've been resisting this color for months, I loved SH Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away as my favourite blue creme and I was a little afraid of finding something that tops it to be honest... Then I saw that SH Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue was a very close dupe to Nails Inc Baker Street! I'm a lover of blue, so I wasn't going to pass up this polish any longer and picked up a bottle. That was a great idea.
Same formula as on the Blue Me Away: thick, one-coater with a very shiny finish, super durable and doesn't like chipping, evens out great and it's very saturated. Now there's TWO blues that are my favourite, and they are both fighting for the first place.

What's your favorite blue?


  1. Yay! We don't have those awesome shades of Sally Hansen here, so I had to hunt down a Baker St for myself :'D But since they're reaaally close my comment is relevant.


    Summer is around the corner for us and I'm seeing this shade of blue EVERYWHERE now. I'm in love. I think I'm gonna get a dress and shoes in this color :'D

    1. Baker Street yes!
      I wanted BS but this dupe keeps me docile... for now.
      I'd love to see a dress that color, I hope you find one! That should be fun~



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