Tuesday, October 2, 2012

OPI Bubble Bath and Milani sandwich

Oh yes, I have finally gotten my hands on some OPI Bubble Bath - a polish I have wanted but have never had a push to purchase. Finding this for 5$ in a beauty supply store is what really did it for me - I wanted a pink-nude jelly and this is just what I got. Rather sheer, looking cloudy in about 3-4 coats, it's a very nice, neutral color. My only gripe is the formula is a little thin. It looked a little light on my hands, but I get it would look great when I'm paler in the winter. In this experiment, I used Milani Gold FX glitter to create a jelly sandwich (again, huh?) and it came out very differently then I expected! The milkiness turned the glitter opaque and it looks like bubbles... Very interesting.

What's your favourite nude?


  1. Very soft and pretty! Your right this would look great with winter skin!

  2. I love how the glitter looks in this sandwich :) It looks like a nice basic. I have YCML? for the Ballet collex to fit the 'soft pink jelly' category :)

    1. I love YCML! It's a bit too sheer for me but it's SO pretty. They are definitely close!



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