Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ELF Mint Cream and Daiso shimmer

ELF Mint cream is something I've had for a long time but have not tried, simply because I didn't feel like a green for a while. This has the thick, 1-2 coat formula ELF cremes have; dries fast and chips easy. However, for 2$ it isn't a problem for me, the formula is worth it alone. Seems like this is making my skin look very red, but it looked nice in person nevertheless! To spice it up, I'm wearing a shimmer polish from Daiso, its a transparent-white polish chock full of blue-to-green shifting shimmer. Over cremes, it creates a nice and subtle shimmer, which I have come to like a while lot. 
If you're looking for a shimmery effects polish like the one from Daiso, I've found them to be an almost-alternative to CND Effects polishes. However, CND effects creates dense, full-on color changing shimmer and Daiso polishes create a very subtle, sparse shimmer, while still remaining slightly duochrome. 


  1. That is lovely! Mint green is a tricky color with my skintone, but I still like to wear it from time to time. The shimmer is a nice addition :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, mint green gives me super red hands sometimes, too. Very hard to find a usable shade :O



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