Friday, June 1, 2012

Cocktail Zebra nail art

Here's a little experiment in combining techniques such as sponge gradients, Konad stamping and a little bit of drawing!
For the base, I used WnW Black Creme, for stamping and drawing, SH Instadri Whirlwind White and Illamasqua Jo'Mina for the tips. I feel that Jo'Mina was too bright, so it stands out more than I expected. The zebra stamp, however, never fails me. It's always going to be clear and never smudge. The little martini glass was freehanded, but looks nice nonetheless. This says to me that practice doodling on my nails have improved my hand stability! I'm prone to shaky hands due to caffeine and whatever else, so tiny drawings have been harder for me to do. However, once I started practicing, it became a lot easier to stabilize my hands and keep designs from looking horrible. Here's to more practice!


  1. i would have never expected cocktails and zebras to go together, but this looks AWESOME!

  2. Love the martini glass! Such a cool combo!



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