Sunday, June 3, 2012

400 follower giveaway winner!

And the winner to the 400 follower giveaway is... Jessica P!
I will be emailing you, please reply within 3 days, or I will pick  a new winner.

Thank you all for participating! Any thought on what you'd like to see given away next? 
New polishes, mini sets, dusties, Canada-only brands? Let me know! I want to do something EPIC for my 500 follower giveaway :)


  1. aww, man, I really wanted that one xD
    well, congrats to Jessica!

    and to you for hitting another follower milestone :)

    for giveaways I love polishes I can't get myself. But since I live in the furthest corner of the world, that covers a lot of brands that are ETF in the US, lol.

  2. YAY Jessica!!! Congratulations!! :D



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