Monday, April 16, 2012

OPI Pink Friday holographic dotticure

This is my take on Pink Friday...
When the Nicki Minaj collection was first announced, Pink Friday looked like this in the promo shots:
A PINK HOLOGRAPHIC. I was sorely disappointed when it was just a creme. In any case, armed with HITS Hefesto, a sexy holographic topcoat, I have created a holographic Pink Friday to satiate my holo hunger. 3 coats of OPI Pink Friday, 1 coat of Hefesto (Spectraflair topcoat), a few accent dots to make this baby shine:
I wish I could somehow make it MORE holo but that might make the color grainier, as it tends to become with too much spectraflair particles in a creme. Either way, it's holo, it's pink, experiment is successful! I'm only regretting the grainy look, but that will come with any holo. Maybe, if I could find VERY fine grade Spectraflair I can try making a linear holo topcoat at some point.



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