Saturday, April 21, 2012

Navy Stripes nail art

Horizontal stripes are my favorite thing to wear and now they're "in"! This means I get to stockpile stripey clothes like a boss. This also means I can give navy stripes a try on my nails! I used SH - Thinking of blue and the white nail art polish to do the stripes. The anchor was done with ORLY Luxe and a dotting tool. They turned out wider than I wanted, but I liked how vivid they looked.They sort of remind me of bees actually... it felt a little strange being distracted by my nails no matter what I did. Next time, I'm going to try making the stripes thinner, that should give it the look I really want. 

On my right hand I did something simpler, but I ended up liking it better! Same base polish, tapes off a white stripe and ORLY Luxe dots in the middle. 

 What are your thoughts? Have you worn horizontal stripes yet this spring? 


  1. I love nautical themed nails, so pretty!

  2. i love your stripes + anchor nail design :D you really got the nautical theme down ^___^

  3. I just awarded you with the versatile blogger award. Check it out at



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