Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Navy vertical gradient glitter stripe

I decided to be a little creative with my nails - a glitter stripe in the middle!
I started with ELF - dark navy as a base, used SH xtreme sear Deep Blue Sea as the glitter gradient and the hex glitter in the middle came from my Daiso haul, one of those glittery polishes. All in all I think this turned out pretty good!
I used a makeup sponge to do the horizontal gradient, then glitter in the middle, then Seche Vite top coat!
 I had a hard time capturing the shine on the photos but they looked so nice in person. I think I might try this with a few more colours. 


  1. haha whoaa, this is trippy. at first glance, i thought the stripe was just the shine from your nails! and then i was like, wait... it's a glitter stripe! hahaa thats really cool :D

    1. Thanks! Yeah I wanted it to look just like that.. is that a shine? NOO ITS A GRADIENT!
      I'm glad you like it ☺



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