Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Illamasqua Load and nail stickers

Illamasqua Load is...a very very interesting colour and name. When I first heard about it, I winced and made a face when I saw the swatches as well. Sheltered much? So a year or so later, I've been looking for...an off-white, interesting, strange creme. Nothing seemed to fit the bill like Illa Load, so...I had to buy it. Even just for the name. It's a beautiful slightly yellow slightly cream colored polish, but I found the formula a little runny compared to the way other Illamasquas apply. Even though it was runny, I really loved the way it looked like ivory, pure and clean, yet interesting and striking.

I put on some more cellphone stickers from Daiso! These look VERY chunky and I am sad; I do wish they were thinner, but it looks great from a distance!


  1. it's a beautiful color with a wrong wrong name. It looks beautiful on you :)

    it's a good thing most of the names of polishes are not understandable in spanish. Though at the same time it makes it harder when I'm looking for a polish by name, whatevs :'D

    1. Ohh that name...bwahaha I feel so dirty!
      And most polish names you can't understand in spanish? Really? That's too bad :( but you do speak english so thats a plus :D go bilingualism! (unless you're TRIlingual?!)



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