Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Deep Blue Sea

Uh oh, excuse the flooded cuticle!

Deep Sea Blue is an interesting addition to my collection: it is a dusty blue subdued foil! I didn't think it would come out so metallic looking but it did and it reminds me of icicles. Very pretty!
I wore this for 3 days, no chips, barely tipwear. Dried fast, took 3 coats for full color to show up. It was a little less shiny before the topcoat, but topcoat fixed it completely. This color also reminded me of jeans...as in it is a metallic denim-colored foil. I honestly really like and you know the best part? It was so EASY to remove! No acetone, to foil method...just off it goes. And that is one of the best things a foil could do for me.

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