Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sexy Bomb s37 - more Korean polish!

note: it's even brighter in real life!

I really want to know what the label says

This is the last Sexy bomb I have to review in full detail. 
S37 is my favorite of the bunch and it's FANTASTIC!
When I was browsing these, the SA told me I should get this color, even though I was hesitating. She had it on and for some reason I still didn't love it. S37 did not hit me until I put it on at home. This color is...get ready for this... a hot pink foil! It has metallic shimmer and the base is a neon pink that's blinding in the best of ways. When I wear s37, I feel like Barbie! The formula is fantastic and it dries very fast. Sexy Bomb uses a pretty wide brush, but it works very well for me and you just need 1-2 strokes to cover the nail entirely. Full opacity is at TWO coats. This polish lasts a while on me and slightly hard to remove (a true foil!)

Speaking of Korean hauls, I can't wait to visit the Face Shop in Vancouver again come this weekend. Get ready for more Korean and other asian goodies!


  1. Do you have any lighter pinks? :O I'd love a recommendation of any if you have some. I'm always looking for the perfect soft pink!

  2. For nice soft pinks I'd recommend ORLY cotton candy (warm pink) and Sally Hansen I pink I can (cool pink)! I am still looking for the perfect light pink though, these are a little bright.

    Pictures: cotton candy i pink i can

  3. the cotton candy pink is perfect! That's the colour I'm constantly searching for. Everytime I think I find it it turns out a little too vibrant for me or a little transparent. Thanks so much dear! <3

  4. No problem! Glad all this nail polish obsession knowledge can help :D

  5. Man this is such a cool color! It looks like it's glowing!! I need to get myself some Korean polishes asap!

  6. I got mine in Metrotown Burnaby, vancouver area :)



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