Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sexy Bomb s32 vs s38

When I went on my mad Vancouver shopping spree for Sexy Bombs, I grabbed 2 very similar polishes, one was a milky pink and another was more of a peachy tone. Since they are so close to each other, I will be reviewing them together. They both contain pink metallic shimmer, and are both of similar opacity and application.  They also use the strange Sexy Bomb formula: runny yet opaque, sort of a creme with VERY fine metallic glitter, so it ends up being a subtle foily shimmer. They both apply like a dream and dry very fast. However, they do smell pretty strongly.

Read on for LOTS of pics!

Here are some pictures!

S32 review

S32 is a princess pink in the bottle, but comes out more white on the nail. The pink metallic shimmer really evens out the finish, so it ends up looking a little bit pearly.  I feel that it went the best with my skin and made my fingers look really long and elegant.

S38 review

S38 was a peach creme with pink and gold metal shimmer, so it looked like a less yellow version of NARS Orgasm with much less shimmer. I liked the way this polish looked on me, but I felt a little too pale wearing this. I'd love to wear this polish to the beach.
I wanted to see which would better on my skin tone and I think S32 won that battle. S38 made my fingers look a little bit dirty, but would look nice if I tanned.  When removing these, the creme seems to go first, then I have to remove the pink foil left behind. Very interesting.

How do you feel about these colors? Which one would you prefer?

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