Friday, September 2, 2011

Sally Hansen - Lacey Lilac

SH - lacey lilac is a part of their xtreme wear line and it shows! I've worn this for 5 days and no chips! The creams in xtreme wear are FANTASTIC. Most of them look opaque in 2 coats, feels like I'm putting liquid coloured rubber on my nails, dry quick and look really glossy (although I do use a top coat).
Here I also used OPI Ink to stamp with, as well as Sephora by OPI Queen of Everything.
When I got this, I almost regretted it since I already own OPI - Done Out in Deco and they looked similar in the bottle. However, DOID is a dusty lilac, it looks a lot more gray and neutral next to LL; where as LL makes me think of words like "radiant" and "refreshing".

In conclusion, this is a wonderful creamy lilac that dries fast and looks great!

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